Efex Okabor - We Plenti Cover » We Plenti Cover - 2020

Efex Okabor returns to musical scene with a cover to the Melo-motivation song from Cobhams and Simi 'We Plenti'. This song gets a make over and becomes an Afro Pop song, thanks to Xoftware.

Efex Okabor - We Plenti Cover » We Plenti Cover - 2020 Artwork
Official Artwork for Efex Okabor We Plenti Cover - Efex Okabor - We Plenti Cover © 2020

We Plenti gets a make over, as Efex Okabor turns the melo-motivational song by Cobhams and Simi to a more hyped Afro pop tuned track by releasing his cover, titled 'We Plenti Cover'.

Efex Okabor retains certain qualities from the original song, like its motivational themed quality and the signature "We Plenti Wey Kill Jesus" chorus.

This is an official return to scene by Efex Okabor, after his hit track Yahweh from 2019. He pairs with Xoftware, the producer, for the production of this unique song. 

I have to say, as far as covers go, 'We Plenti Cover' is one of a kind; it's a blend of secular and gospel song birthing a new genre into our platform, Gospel/Afro Pop. ...Yes, its a gospel song.

Here is a link to the original song:  We Plenti by Cobhams and Simi.

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