Ayo - I Am Hungry » I Am Hungry - 2020

I Am Hungry is a gospel song by Ayo, (Pst. Ayo Bamidele), it's a call to worship, aggressively in tongues of fire. This song was composed straight from the base of his spirit.

Ayo - I Am Hungry » I Am Hungry - 2020 Artwork
Official Artwork for Ayo I Am Hungry - Ayo - I Am Hungry © 2020

Pst Ayo Bamidele Adeoye is the crooner
of a popular art in the city of Benin  and he is the host of the yearly event tagged: WWW...

In His words Ayo wrote
This song is an  utmost appeal with a spontaneous flow of emotions, rendering blistery attack From My heart of a sincere' worship, all in lieu of lavishing unfading love to God Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth.

It is indeed an appeal of a true worshipper who yawns for a vivid and instant redemption, calling on the most high God, with a voice of repentance, beclouded with  few lyrical conservation for miraculous overflow. This Song Is An Heart Cry To God.

Plugin, key in and connect, and remain blessed in Jesus name, amen.

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