Olamide Releases Surprise EP, '999'

999 is a surprise EP or album release from YBNL boss, Olamide, it comes packed with 9 tracks, Afro Hip Hop genre and series of features including Phyno. Stream and download for free as zip and mp3.

Olamide Releases Surprise EP, '999' Artwork
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The atmosphere is filled with surprise right now, various heavy weight artists have been releasing materials this year. I earlier mentioned that 2020 is going to be a very wonderful year, here we go. 

YBNL boss, Olamide has released a new album project, an Extended Playlist (EP) titled, 999. He last released a playlist back in 2018 where he released his phenomena YBNL Mafias album that kicked off the career of some of his label artists, like Fireboy DML

The project got released yesterday, 11th Feb. 2020 by 9pm and has quickly gained traction as fans have embraced it wholeheartedly. The album indeed came as a surprise, a surprise that Olamide wants to release another project given that he's already established, well the thing is when your passion for a thing is very high, stopping it becomes very difficult, shout-out to him for releasing more magical stuffs for his fans, that's what legends do.

The album sees him request features from his very good friend Phyno and his label, Penthauze in-house artists, Cheque and Rhatti as well as other acts including; Jayboi, Jackmillz, Sosa-E and Milly.


The time frame is really short to give a justifiable review on this EP, 999 but i will write it like i feel. You should note that i first heard this project today at 5:47am...there about, in the cold darkness, my first take was wow, it's been a while i heard this type of sound from Olamide, it's wonderful, relaxing and certainly for the calm minded people like me, i just allowed it play from track to track and repeated it, it's a wonderful project in general, the type you use to chillax with some friends, discussing the future, drinking wine and talking only stuffs that a matured and make sense. What am saying in essence, is this is a well constructed project.


Emphasis had to be placed on the sound of this EP, 999. It's very different from what we've being hearing from Olamide in a while, it reminds you more of the rapper aspect of Olamide rather than the "lamba" aspect. This is certainly a hip hop themed project, it isn't heavy on beat, it's just cool, relaxing and efficient. Although there is a lamba track in there, track 5, Wonma, but it doesn't step out of the boarder of the general project surprisingly.


I mentioned earlier that the production of this project is efficient, not too hard or soft, it's just adequate, well the producers who get the credits are: 

Olamide - Track 1, Eskeez  - Tracks 1, 4, 6 and 9, Pheelz - Tracks 2, 3,  Cracker Mallo - Tracks 5 and 7 and ID Cabasa - Track 8.

The first track, No Time, definitely welcomes you into the project, from that track, you can get an idea of what the project has to offer. 

I definitely cannot give an in-depth review of the project right now, but as time passes, we'll see.

In conclusion, we are talking about Olamide here, a very hard-working and wonderful artist and person, certainly he cannot put out trash, it isn't in his gene.

That concludes my review, you may stream and download the EP, 999 by Olamide for free here, get the album as zip and the individual tracks in mp3.

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