Goldy - Away Feat. Shinninglight - 2019

'Away' comes as a debut track from 'Goldy', a Young Rising Star, featuring, Shinninglight. This song is better than 60% of most big artists debut tracks.

Goldy - Away Feat. Shinninglight  - 2019 Artwork
Official Artwork for Goldy © 2019

The entertainment world is not going away, it will always be here and will always expand. Today, it has accepted new personnel, a wonderful female this time. Believe me, she shows a lot of promise with her debut track that I will mention anytime soon; well, you read the title before coming here ?? so let’s just enter the review properly.

Away is the official debut track from Goldy, a promising young rising star, who has broken the barrier of fear, by taking the most difficult step to success; “Stepping into the light”. She steps in with a subtle yet firm approach as she releases this track.

She sought a helping hand from an experienced comrade, in the form of her brother, Shinninglight, for the sake of inspiration and first hand lesson.

Away ushers in a love themed atmosphere, and it involves Goldy resonating melodiously all over the song. Shinninglight, a rapper and the featured artist, glowing excellently by spitting swagger filled storytelling verses to harmonize the already wonderful track.

The four minutes long track, keeps you vibing to its rhythm all the way, as every element involved is mixed and mastered appropriately to give us a well-seasoned music track. This beat was also wonderful blend that ensured complete success in this track.

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Download for free in Mp3; “Away” by Goldy Feat. Shinnylight.