Spaco David - My Reality - 2019

'My Reality' from Spaco David, a Holy Spirit filled minister; is a sanctuary tune in form of a gospel song, it is for the glorfication of God & soul upliftment.

Spaco David - My Reality  - 2019 Artwork
Official Artwork for Spaco David © 2019

A worship is as good as its structure as well as genuineness and the present state of mind of the person offering it.

Spaco David gets into the music scene for the first time officially with this new track he titled My Reality.

Spaco David has produced a very wonderful piece here. From the content of this track, you can tell he is singing straight from his soul.

My Reality is a word used to describe a thing that has various meanings depending on the individual. 

We all want a good reality, one free of sufferings and pains, but how does one achievement that if not through Jesus Christ.

This track was Produced by the never quitting, pragmatic and prolific producer, Xoftware Productions.

Here is Spaco David describing what his reality is like as it's influenced by God, the father.

Spaco David is a Nigerian Gospel Artist, a Computer scientist and a songwriter heavily influenced by the Holy Spirit.

 My Reality is a song that was dropped into my spirit while praying at the early hours of the morning; after searching God's word. I discovered that by that virtue of his finished works on the cross of Calvary, we were not just set free but we were transformed into another realm where impossibilities doesn't exist, where we can't be stopped, where the father is not angry with us and where we have been eternally made righteous.
This is the consciousness we should have and the reality we have been made to live in.
Knowing this fact that the father loves you just makes you go on your knees with your heart open to worship and praise the father".

Stream and Download in Mp3, Spaco David's "My Reality' for free.

Don't just listen, meditate on it and let it unlock a door which will link you straight to the Father and then lay all you cares on Him.