Allan Cza - Thank God Feat. Kiel Tee X K Square - 2019

'Thank God', that's what Allan Cza offers the Almighty Creator as he marks his birthday with this new song titled 'Thank God'; featuring Kiel Tee and K Square.

Allan Cza - Thank God Feat. Kiel Tee X K Square  - 2019 Artwork
Official Artwork for Allan Cza © 2019

As we progress in life, we often find ourselves in situations where we just have to thank God, even though some might not believe in Him; they end up thanking Him for success, personal achievements, family, good health and what-have-you.

"Thank God"; this is a new song from Allan Cza who happens to be celebrating his birthday today; he has gotten to that stage in life where he has nothing else to do but thank God. He doesn't just do it alone, no no noo ☝🏽, he features other grateful artists; Kiel Tee and K Square who happen to be in the same spirit as him.

The track isn't your everyday zanku (feet-stamping dance), no no nooo β˜πŸ½, it is a well seasoned song that is accompanied by a special head nodding rhythm, so don't think because it's Thank God you can't vibe to it, as 90% of viewers would think.

Small Talk on Artists. 
Well, as i stated earlier, the featured artists were in streamlined spirit as the celebrant so, let's go.
Kiel Tee:
Well he certainly came with his own magic good rhythm and nice flows. He's responsible for the beat we are all nodding our heads with headsets to now everyone around are like, "wetin dey worry dis one". so personally i'll rate him 4/5. He also took the chorus, that's why his rating is high😏. 
K Square:
Well K Square came in well, he came with his own style, few words and all that, i'll rate him 2.89/5. You can give your rating if you don't agree
Allan Cza:
Personally i didn't understand one word he said (it was all in Yoruba dialect) but i could feel the vibe behind the words and flows, plus it's his song so, it's a 3.905/5 from me.

Well if you don't agree with me, leave your review at the comment section πŸ‘‡πŸ½, i'll hala back at you and don't forget to share, you don't know who might need the words of this song.

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