FRSC States "No more drivers license without NIN" to Nigerians

The corps boss says from December, driver's licence will no longer be issued without National Identify Number (NIN), he stated that this step will enhance road safety through the use of technology.

FRSC States "No more drivers license without NIN" to Nigerians Artwork
Corps Marshal of the FRSC, Boboye Oyeyemi. [PHOTO CREDIT: Official Twitter handle of FRSC]

Boboye Oyeyemi, Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), said the corps will present the National Identity Number (NIN) data for vehicle enrollment by the main quarter of 2021. 

Mr Oyeyemi uncovered this when he was included on the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja on Friday. 

The corps marshall said the substance of the NIN was to upgrade road security using technological innovation. 

The FRSC manager likewise said that from December, driver's permit would not, at this point be given without the NIN data. 

"I must commend the government. With the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), now we have one national database, one identity. You cannot use double identity now and with the biometrics, you cannot be funny.

"You know before some people have about five different identities but now you are forced to pick one. Once you pick one with NIMC that is what you will be using because it is now going to be as from next month (December). It is going to be compulsory.

Now if you want to renew your driver’s licence or you want to obtain a fresh driver licence, you must provide your NIN. NIN is the first thing and with that, no biometrics will be done again they will import it from NIMC.

So I am talking about using technology now to enhance security so with this I think we make progress we are really on course.

"So I am looking at utilizing innovation currently to upgrade security so with this I think we gain ground we are truly on course.

The FRSC chief, Mr Oyeyemi, clarified that the Vehicles Inspection Office (VIO) alone was approved to test candidates before endorsed charges could be paid to the state government through their internal revenue service. 

He added that the VIO would, redirect candidates for capturing which would be moved to the database of the nation. 

Now a lot of things have been occurring, you cannot get a licence by proxy, anybody that does not go for the physical capture for the first issuance of a licence is not a genuine licence, it is fake.

I am happy when I came on board, I came on board in 2014, the first thing we did was to establish a verification portal. Where the portal is now done, all those with fake licences disappeared, they now had to go and do a new one.

A fake licence is N25,000 to N30,000, an original licence is N6,350 but I won’t blame them, it is the ‘bigmanism.’ People are not ready to follow the process and along the line too this NIN information for drivers licence the same thing will come on board before the end of the first quarter next year for vehicle registration.

If you want to register your vehicle, it is going to be compulsory for you to provide your NIN. These are parts of the security checks. So once you provide your NIN, it makes the matter to be simpler,” the FRSC official said. 

He asked the nation to model China and other developed nations that utilized innovation to battle wrongdoing. 

He lauded the security offices for utilizing their unlimited admittance to the database in checking degenerate practices in the system. 

I must commend all of them from EFCC, NFIU, ICPC, the military intelligence unit of the Army, Navy, Air force and DSS. This is what they are now using, the paperwork is no more because they have access to the database and they are utilizing it effectively.

The country is growing even though I need to let people know the efforts of Mr President, the country is developing as par 21st technology innovation and we must just catch up with best practices.

The best practice is for you to have the database that you can use to fight crime,’’ he said.  (NAN)