Sunday Exhortation - Potential Leaders

Becoming a Leader isn't a day's job, let's dissect it, outline certain factors and see how we all can help ourselves become good Leaders, as well as good role models in this Sunday Exhortation series.

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Good day everyone, i hope we're having a good Sunday... happy Sunday by the way. So i was in church today and got this message from the Sunday School, then I thought to myself, why not share it with the World; am pretty sure some people would be blessed as i have been.
As the title of this article states, it's about Potential Leaders, basically how to identify.

Key into this word, whether you're a Christian or not, i know God will bless you as you do so, and your knowledge will increase as well.


Text: Matthew 20:25-28
Memory Verse: Matthew 23:11;


Who is a leader? A leader is one who administers direction to his followers, ensures their wellbeing and enforces discipline. A leader cannot exist without a follower and vice versa.

As a leader, your role is to serve, to change your subordinates or subject; you don't boss them, you guide them.

When God sees a need in a generation, he raises up men to fulfill His purpose for that generation, those men are usually regarded as leaders. As Christians, we expect God to only raise Christian men and women, but that's not the case, God can use "non Christians" as well to fulfil his purpose, but if the individual doesn't turn to God eventually, he/she won't see His kingdom.

As a leader, you need to carry everyone along, you should think for and with your people, you shouldn't lord or boss them. It's a privilege for you to lead them, so the post should be treated as such.

An office doesn't make a man, a man makes an office. Most of us bad mouth our Leaders today and their offices, but the offices are not the factors with bad reputation here, no no no, it's the individuals who go there to corrupt the office that should have the bad reputation tagged to them.

As a leader in office, you are just given a title, not a new body or personality, so you shouldn't switch off, or turn to something else because you've been privileged to lead, rather the grace and attitude that got you there should be what you should exhibit to get you further as well as see you through the entire process or tenure.

Outline Of A Christian Leaders

  • Called By God  - They are called by God (Exodus 3:14)
  • Character - They should exhibit the attributes of a good Christian; Courage, Integrity, Decisiveness, Perseverance.
  • Gift and Potential - You need to have a gift or potential to be able to lead.
  • Knowledge and Skills - You must improve in knowledge and skills, read daily, learn a minimum of one special thing daily. Always look for means to increase your knowledge, never relax in your zone, always expand it.
  • Commitment - You should be able to decide that when you want to do something, especially the things of God, you should do it hook, line and sinker, and have a sense of responsibility.

Preparing For Leadership

  • Selfness - Ability to follow Christ and inspire others to follow Him as well. Now you're not thinking just of yourself but of others, and you're not being influenced by others to do the right thing, it should be inbuilt, an external factor should only influence to do better, but the good deed, should come from your core.
  • Servant Leader Model  - John 13: 12, according to Jesus in order to live, you have to serve.
  • Charisma - You should be sociable, should be able to.communicate your vision effectively and carry everyone along.
  • Proactive - Planning ahead and being extremely decisive.
  • Emotional Intelligence - You should be able to control your emotions no matter the situation, you should not allow your emotions cloud your judgement. You should have power over fear, anxiety, anger, as these could be very explosive in the downfall of leaders. You should not be predicable.
  • Good Role Model - Your actions shouldn't be one that leads people astray, you should always live an exemplary life. Christianity is a lifestyle, so you should always live right, and be a good role model as well, as Christ was to us.
  • Fruit Of The Spirit - You should be able to manifest the fruit of the Holy Spirit; Galatians 5 : 22 - 23; you should be able to empathize and sympathize.





I've come to discover that, our "Christian leaders" tend to exhibit some ugly traits which i honestly do not like, here are some i could pick, we can discuss more of this at the comment section below.

  • They boss people around.
  • They are proud.
  • They tend to move with "people that have something to offer", these are the people that are usually richest or with the highest social status in the environment, or gathering.

End Note - Most youngsters today tend to not be patient and uncommitted to the things of God, especially the ones aspiring for a position in Leadership, so they end up taking shortcuts, which eventually lead to destruction and pitfall of their careers. 

Sacrifice, devotion and lowliness, that's the difference between a boss and a leader.

With this, I'll end for today, but i would love to see some discussion at the comment section, answers to the questions to ponder on and further contributions.

Source: RCCG - Sunday School Manual, Today, February 9th, 2020.