Drake over wizkid controversy

If it wasn't for drake, people wouldn't have known wizkid- British OAP says.

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A video is currently making the rounds online which captured the moment a group of foreign media personalities passed what may be perceived as subtle shade at Nigerian singer Wizkid.

The video opens up with one of four radio presenters making the submission that if it was not for the influence of Canadian rapper, Drake, nobody outside Africa would know about Wizkid.

In strong agreement to his position, another presenter categorically stated that ‘nobody knows Wizkid’ and went on to back up his assertion with an explanation.

According to him, despite efforts being made to push the narrative of the Nigerian-born singer as the face of afrobeats, it still remains to be widely contested.


“They try to make Wizkid look like the Sean Paul of afrobeats, but he is not even close to half of what Sean Paul was doing.” he said.

Going on with his submission, the OAP pointed out that there is no star of afrobeats yet. In a bid to counter his point of view, another host on the radio programme submitted that when it comes to the face of Afrobeats, Wizkid and Davido remain worthy of mention.

Responding, he noted that it was only music heads that are familiar with the African superstars, adding that 90% of people in the United Kingdom do not know Wizkid.