Official Logo of LOSHQ.NET


L O S HQ is an acronym for Leonard Osahon Headquarters.
It is an entertainment website which serves music and blog and some more features to come in the near furture.
It's slogan is Headquarters For Entertainment, which was designed and developed by Osahenrumwen Leonard Aigbogun.


  • Project began - 3rd day of October, 2018, at a party around 6pm and was completed on the 23rd day of December, 2018.
  • The project was officially launched as an entertainment website on the 10th day of January, 2019.
  • The blog category was launched on the 20th day of February 2019.
  • The website was re-written and launched on the 20th day of January 2020.

Our Mission

Our mission primarily is to have a standing-out platforms which serves as a bridge between young rising stars and the world, be the voice of these talented stars and hopefully, move them to the spot light. We also want to have a robust platform for any personality to come, have a good time, not just through music, videos or news, but also gaining information that will certainly bear good fruit, in the near future.

Our Policy

In the spirit of keeping things plain, simple and exciting at the same time, we have outlined some policies to make sure, things are the way they ought to be.
  • All rights are reserved to their respective authors, any form of infringement will be tackled swiftly. See DMCA Policy for more info
  • Music content served on this platform are without audio signature.
  • Music content served on this platform contains the original artwork (with an optional signature of ours) or an image of ours if no artwork was found.
  • Music content served on this platform contains the original title, name, artist and album name, as accurate as possible to the initial copy from it's author.
  • We have no intentions of adding annoying surveys or tasks in order to access our contents.
  • Contents served on this platform are solely for entertainment and information purpose, any content that may seem inappropriate, complaints should be filed immediately through the appropriate channel in our contact us page.